Ethnic Rhinoplasty

what is ethnic rhinoplasty?

Today’s modern approach to cosmetic surgery has advanced to significantly take into consideration the unique aspects of each person’s features and facial structure including their ethnicity. Ethnic nose surgery is an extremely thorough and delicate procedure that requires the expertise of a leading Houston Rhinoplasty Surgeon, like Dr. Ben Cilento. Because he specializes in facial plastic surgery, he has performed more ethnic rhinoplasties than the average plastic surgeon, giving him the skill and experience necessary to deliver the best results possible.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty vs Rhinoplasty

Since the beginning of rhinoplasty as a cosmetic procedure, it is clear that the maneuvers suggested to obtain “aesthetically pleasing outcomes” were intended to address a Caucasian nose. What’s more apparent is that for the most part, reductive rhinoplasty as a product of the general plastic surgery procedure, produced small, pinched and often “ski sloped” noses. Advances in this field by facial plastic pioneers such as Jack Anderson, Calvin M Johnson, and Dean Toriumi have been able to refine the rhinoplasty procedure. They were able to focus on creating a nose that works well and fits the unique characteristics of the owner’s face.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is one such specialty that has developed tremendously within the field of facial plastic surgery. Dr. Cilento was trained by pioneers in open structure rhinoplasty procedures and always seeks to create aesthetic enhancements within each patient’s own ethnic identity. He pays close attention to the special qualities and variations of each patient to fully embrace the African-American, Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin ethnicities.

Am I a candidate for Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

The criteria for considering an ethnic nose job are the same as any rhinoplasty. The patient may be unsatisfied with some aspect of their nasal appearance and want to discuss a safe and ethnically sensitive way to correct what they perceive as a shortcoming.  After a consult with Dr. Cilento, which includes an ethnically sensitive computer morphing session, the decision to move forward with rhinoplasty is made.  At this point, the time comes to focus on the differences between a “typical” rhinoplasty and ethnic rhinoplasty. It is essential to find a doctor who has experience performing these types of surgeries within your racial background if that is something you desire.

Dr. Cilento’s Ethnic Rhinoplasty Experience

When patients come to Dr. Cilento for a consultation on ethnic rhinoplasty, Dr. Cilento takes into consideration their characteristics along with that particular person’s image goals as well as their other features. Ultimately, positive outcomes rely on achieving a pleasing balance between all features. Dr. Cilento has a steady flow of patients that reflect the unmatched racial diversity of Houston itself as well as patients flying in from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to receive world-class surgery right here in your hometown.

Dr. Cilento has extensive experience in performing ethnic rhinoplasties of all facial types, including those of African-American, Asian, Latin and Middle Eastern descent. Each ethnicity has its own classic characteristics and Dr. Cilento is familiar with the intricacies of each.

Types of ethnic rhinoplasty

Cilento Facial Plastics offers multiple types of ethnic rhinoplasty’s.

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty Spring TX

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty has many unique qualities that make it important to have experience before venturing in as a rhinoplasty surgeon

Common traits of a Middle Eastern nose may include a:

  • Pronounced nasal hump
  • Wide or round tip
  • Downward sloping or drooping tip

Not only can all of these traits be addressed with a Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty, but also pay respect to the unique characteristics of this ethnic group. Some patients may want to have a more subtle surgery that preserves certain ethnic features, while others may want a more aggressive surgery to have a more personalized look. Additionally, the anatomic variations unique to the middle eastern nose must be understood to avoid complications. Dr. Cilento is familiar with these anatomic issues and consistently delivers stunning results.

African-American Rhinoplasty

African American rhinoplasty Spring TX

African American rhinoplasty has many unique characteristics that one must respect in order to maintain function and ethnic integrity.

Some common traits of the African-American nose are a:

  • Wide, low nasal bridge
  • Flared nostrils
  • Wide and Rounded tip

Because of these traits, it is essential that your nose surgeon has experience with this particular type of rhinoplasty. Your cosmetic surgeon should take extra care to maintain the curvature of the nostril to avoid the “triangular look,” which is not considered aesthetically pleasing or culturally sensitive. Some patients want a more subtle surgery that preserves classically “African” features, while others want more aggressive surgery to have a more personalized look. Additionally, the anatomic variations unique to the African nose must be understood to avoid complications. Dr. Cilento is familiar with these anatomic issues and consistently delivers stunning results.

Asian Rhinoplasty

The significant diversity within Asian ethnicities provides many variations in common nasal traits. Eastern Asian people tend to have flatter profiles with flatter bridges and round nasal tips while those of South Asian ethnicity (Indian and Pakistani) may have long noses with pronounced bumps. Wideness can also be an issue, whether of the bridge or the tip. Because of the degree of variation, a personal consultation with Dr. Cilento is essential.

Latino Rhinoplasty

Latino Rhinoplasty Spring TX

Latino Rhinoplasty is sometimes more difficult if you fail to have a detailed discussion about the desires of the patient. Dr Cilento always offers morphed pictures to help a patient see what they may look like after surgery

Dr. Ben Cilento understands the importance of the ethnic identity of our Latino population. Dr. Cilento grew up in Miami and is also fluent in Spanish. Generally speaking, rhinoplasty for people of Latin ethnicity includes significant variation. This is due to both European influences and those of the native peoples of South America. Despite this variation, common Latin nasal traits may include:

  • Weak cartilage in the nasal tip
  • A nasal hump
  • Thick nasal skin
  • Wide nostrils

The approach to Latin rhinoplasty depends significantly on the cultural heritage of the patient (African, European, Mestizo, etc.) A personal consultation can also offer you more insight into what you can expect based on your nose and personal desires. Depending on the relative mix of each Latino patients background, there are many variations on the expected outcome. Each patient has their own picture in their head of what they want. Some may want a more subtle surgery that preserves certain ethnic features while others may want a more aggressive surgery to have a more personalized look. To avoid complications one must understand the anatomic variations unique to Latino nasal features. Dr. Cilento is familiar with these anatomic issues and, not to mention, consistently delivers stunning results.

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