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Compare Patient Before And After Photos

All images in this cosmetic surgery gallery are taken from real patients of Dr. Ben Cilento.

None Of The Images Were Taken By A Professional Photographer And Have Not Been Altered In Any Way. While Many Other Websites Display Higher Quality Photos, We Believe It Is Important All Images In The Galleries Reflect Reality.

Dr. Cilento’s before and after facial cosmetic surgery gallery displays his emphasis on an artistic and balanced approach to surgery. An accomplished artist in pen and ink, pastel and watercolor, Dr. Cilento’s artistry in Houston cosmetic surgery is equally exquisite. Take time to browse the various surgical techniques to visualize the difference Dr. Cilento can make for you.

This is a small sample of representative cases highlighting different types of aesthetic surgery performed over Dr. Cilento’s career. Check back as we will periodically add new photos to these galleries. In the meantime, please take the time to review the pictures while formulating any questions you might have for the day of your initial appointment.

Dr. Cilento brings an artistic flair to all that he does. He has long been an accomplished artist in pen and ink, pastel and watercolor, and he brings that sensibility and eye for detail to his practice.

In fact, it was through his early work as a contributing artist to the internationally known anatomy textbook Adam Atlas that Dr. Cilento developed is passion for facial aesthetics, which has enabled him to become a stand-out cosmetic surgeon in Houston.

Proceed at your own pace and carefully compare before and after photos. We trust you will see the skill of Dr. Cilento and be encouraged by the results that others have achieved under his careful hands.

It’s good to visualize what change you are looking for. Also realize that these photos represent only a fraction of the total surgeries that Dr. Cilento has performed.

Dr. Cilento is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, meaning that he is highly trained in the treatment of disorders and diseases of the head and neck, and provides the credentials for his Houston cosmetic surgery practice.

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